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Successful collaborations start with solid influencer discovery. Moonio's end-to-end platform helps you channel the influencers you find into a successful 360° influencer marketing strategy.

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How Moonio helps you discover influencers

The Moonio search engine

First-in-class influencer search tool

Moonio's search tool connects you to millions of influencers from around the world. Filter influencers according to their engagement rates, authenticity, or audience demographics. The best part? Moonio's world-class search tool is available to all of our users, even those on the free plan.

Unique Moonio filters to get more out of your search

Moonio stands out in that it blends an influencer search tool with opt-in influencers. Filter for Moonio creators to see those influencers who register for our platform and get vetted for quality standards by our team. Or filter for represented creators to see influencers who we've confirmed as managed by a talent agency.

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Integrated analytics to guide your search

We know you don't want to find just any influencer, you want to find the influencers that fit into your brand's campaign strategy. For any influencer you find on our platform, access full profile and audience analytics to make sure they align with your goals.

One-click outreach

It doesn't get easier or faster than this. When you find an influencer you'd like to collaborate with, send them an invitation in just one click. Our pre-loaded templates save you time, all you have to do is choose which campaign you'd like to invite the influencer to. And if the influencer is already registered on Moonio, you can start negotiating right away via the Moonio chat feature.

One click outreach on Moonio.
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Benefits of using Moonio for influencer discovery

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Save money with free access to search engine
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Find influencers faster with advanced search filters
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Stay organized by doing discovery, outreach, and campaign management all in the same place
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Engage with your community by finding fans to turn into ambassadors
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Save search results as favorites to bookmark influencers for later
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Improve your influencer response rates by working with Moonio opt-in creators

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"What we like most about Moonio is the possibility to connect with profiles that match our brand content and values."

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Uncover influencers in your community

Discover how Moonio helps you identify existing brand fans and turn them into meaningul influencer partners.

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Influencer recruitment

See how in just a few steps you can create and publish your campaign and start recruiting influencers.

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High-precision campaign distribution

Learn how Moonio distributes your campaign to influencers who could be a good match.

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