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You publish your campaign, and we distribute it. Moonio's high-precision influencer outreach works behind the scenes to bring you proposals from influencers we think could be a good match.

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How Moonio's influencer outreach service works

Moonio AI

AI algorithm distribution

When you create your campaign, input your influencer requirements. Our AI will then take those requirements and send invitations to influencers who meet them. Any influencers who respond will show up as proposals in your Moonio inbox.

Distribution by our success team

At the same time, our success team will manually select influencers who match your requirements. They'll send your campaigns to those influencers to generate more proposals for your brand.

Moonio CRM interface
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Check stats for each influencer who sends a proposal

As proposals arrive, Moonio makes it easy to check out the performance stats of each profile. Review influencer content and audience insights, and analyze the Moonio quality check to see how influencers compare to their peers.

Negotiate and manage all relationships in one place

No more switching between email threads. No more forgetting which influencer proposed what. Use the Moonio CRM to manage relationships, reply to proposals, and negotiate deals in a centralized location.

Tracking campaign statuses on Moonio
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Benefits of Moonio's influencer outreach service

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Increase your outreach capacity without lifting a finger
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Get more proposals from influencers who match your requirements
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Take advantage of inbound and outbound proposals at the same time
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Discover new influencers you may not have found otherwise
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Save time you once spent emailing various influencers
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Consolidate all your outreach in one place

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Moonio is the place to connect with brands, find all types of collabs, and get paid.

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It's the easiest and most effective way to get in touch with creators. Before Moonio, it was quite complicated for us to attract influencers, choose them, and negotiate with them. Now we can do in ten minutes what before took hours of work.


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