Branded landing pages for influencer recruitment

Forget about drafting long outreach templates and creating PDF briefs. Moonio generates live landing pages designed to make your influencer recruitment faster, simpler, and more easily shareable.

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How Moonio streamlines influencer recruitment

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Publish your campaign in just a few steps

Moonio will guide you in creating your campaign, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. Choose from various campaign types based on different incentives, like product gifting, flat fees, commission-based, or affiliate.

Live landings you can share on social media and elsewhere

Get live URLs for your brand page, plus each campaign you create, to use for influencer recruitment. These creator-focused landings will detail the info that influencers need to know if they want to work with you. In just a click, you can share these URLs on social media, via email, or anywhere else you can copy/paste.

A campaign landing page on Moonio
An inbound proposal on Moonio

Get inbound proposals from Moonio-vetted influencers

Get inbound proposals from opt-in influencers who have already registered on Moonio and been vetted by our team. You decide who to accept, reject, or negotiate with. No more need to check various email threads, simply manage all your proposals and negotiations on Moonio.

Brand reviews build good faith for future recruitment

After working with you, your collaborators can leave a review of your brand. Good reviews build good faith for your brand among other influencers in the Moonio community, leading to more collaboration proposals.

Moonio reviews of a brand
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Benefits of using Moonio for influencer recruitment

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Save time by using Moonio to generate your campaign landing page
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Share more easily via your campaign URL than emails and attachments
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Centralize your influencer communications in one place
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Automate influencer analysis by telling Moonio what requirements to look for
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Manage your campaign status using our CRM
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Get reviewed by collaborators to build trust in your brand

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Moonio is the place to connect with brands, find all types of collabs, and get paid.

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What I like most about Moonio is that it allows me to get in touch and establish relationships with influencers that match my brand style and values easily. Moonio has helped me save a lot of time and effort when it comes to identifying and contacting influencers.

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Influencer discovery

Explore Moonio's dual-approach to discovery with opt-in vetted creators and a global influencer database.

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Uncover creators in your community

Discover how Moonio helps you identify existing brand fans and turn them into meaningul influencer partners.

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High-precision campaign distribution

Learn how Moonio distributes your campaign to influencers who could be a good match.

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