Get daily creator applications to your campaign

List your campaign on Moonio’s unique marketplace and watch high-quality influencers apply to be part of it.

How Moonio streamlines influencer recruitment

Sit back and watch how influencers apply to your campaign

Moonio's marketplace makes connecting easier for both brands and creators. Create your campaign, and get applications from creators who are interested in working with your brand.

Save time on recruiting influencers

Create your campaign on Moonio and you’re all set to get creator applications.

Our platform is built to save marketers time and make the influencer marketing process smoother and more successful.

Don’t be limited by cold outreach

Don't limit you influencer marketing strategy with outdated search methods. No one likes getting—or sending—cold emails. Join Moonio and discover what it feels like when influencers reach out to you.

Brand reviews build good faith for future recruitment

After working with you, creators can leave a review of your brand. Positive reviews build good faith for your brand among other influencers in the Moonio community, leading to more applications.

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Creator search

Explore Moonio's dual-approach to discovery with opt-in vetted creators and a global influencer database.

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Influential brand fans

Discover how Moonio helps you identify existing brand fans and turn them into meaningul influencer partners.

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AI and manual fake follower check

Understand how Moonio checks profiles for authenticity and quality.

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Are you a creator?

Moonio is the place to connect with brands, find all types of collabs, and get paid.

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What I like most about Moonio is that it allows me to get in touch and establish relationships with influencers that match my brand style and values easily. Moonio has helped me save a lot of time and effort when it comes to identifying and contacting influencers.

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