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Using Moonio is simple

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1. Register your account

Sign up for free and we'll review your profile to make sure it meets our quality standards.

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2. Send & receive proposals to brand campaigns

Browse campaign listings and send proposals to the ones that pique your interest. Negotiate with brands on Moonio until you close the deal.

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3. Publish, get paid, and review your collaborator

Get paid for the content you publish. When the collaboration ends, review the brand to help other creators in the Moonio community know what to expect.

Why choose Moonio?

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Reach out and connect. Don't sit around waiting for brands to find you.
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Create lasting relationships with brands.
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Other creators' reviews of brands help you know what to expect before you collaborate.
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Get paid your way. You choose which collaborations to apply to.

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And find quality oppportunities from brands in fashion, food, wellness, travel, and other industries.

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What you can find on Moonio


Gifted products and services

Brands send you free stuff in exchange for your content. Luxury hotel stays, skincare sets, and home appliances are just a few things offered in Moonio campaigns.

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Fee-based campaigns

If you're only interested in campaigns that offer fees, you can filter the Moonio marketplace to see those.

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Commission-based campaigns

Feel motivated by getting paid each time you help a brand make a sale? Check out commission-based campaigns and estimate your potential earnings.

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Product discounts

Share content in exchange for big savings with product discount campaigns.

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What other creators are saying

Moonio is very useful, it allows you to communicate and collaborate with great brands.

I am already registered on other platforms, but Moonio is by far the best! The connection created between the brand and trendsetter is great, they are mutually supportive.

I love Moonio because it makes everything so easy and clear, especially the fact that you can get in touch directly with the brand.

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