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How the Moonio fake follower check works

AI runs analysis and fake followers check

AI runs analysis and fake followers check

Moonio uses AI to analyze creators' performance statistics and audience breakdowns. See how profiles have grown their audience over time and which percentage of followers is real. Check engagement rate, average reactions per post, and more content stats.

Creators upload their stats

Creators can also upload their stats directly from Instagram. This ensures that brands have the most up-to-date and accurate information when closing deals.

The Moonio filter that lets you find opt-in influencers
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Our experts vet profiles for quality

Moonio's success team carefully vets each opt-in creator who registers for the platform. They look at performance, audience, and style to make sure each creator meets Moonio's quality standards.

Moonio quality checks guide your analysis

Find all this information in an easy-to-access tab you can refer to when searching for influencers. Access the fake followers check, content stats, and more whenever you need it.

The Moonio filters for uncovering influencers in your community
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Benefits of Moonio's analytics and fake follower check

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Only platform that has a real team checking the quality of each influencer who signs up
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Avoid working with fraudulent influencers
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Save time by getting automatic profile insights into engagement, post frequency, and more
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Confidently select influencers who have the same audience demographics as your target
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Save money with free access to analytics (no reports quotas)
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Seamlessly analyze as you search for influencers

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Centralize all your collabs and manage them in one user-friendly CRM.

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Discover how you can track and analyze campaign results right on Moonio.

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