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Even the best creator collaborations need to be measured. Create your campaign on Moonio and automate social media monitoring, so you can draw meaningful conclusions from their results.

Create your campaign on Moonio to automate social media monitoring of the content creators publish.

How Moonio helps you evaluate your collaboration results

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Moonio calculates your investment for you

In order to analyze your results, you have to compare them to your investment. Moonio calculates it for you, including any fees or commisions plus your product's value.

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Estimated views and CPM

Moonio uses creators' historical and follower data to estimate how many views your campaign content gets and the CPM on that.

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Campaign analysis and features
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Tracked clicks and CPC

Want creators to share a link to your brand's products or sites? Moonio automatically generates a unique tracking link and monitors the clicks it gets.

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Easy comparison between influencers

The Moonio CRM shows you influencer results in an easy-to-compare list format. Identify who brought in the best results  and bookmark them for future campaigns.

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What we like most about Moonio is the possibility to connect with profiles that match our brand content and values.

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See what else Moonio can do

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Creator search

Explore Moonio's two-tiered approach to discovery with opt-in vetted creators and a global influencer database.

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AI fake follower check and profile stats

Understand how Moonio checks profiles for authenticity and quality.

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Manage collaborations

Manage campaigns and close succesful collaborations.

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