Effortless collaborations and influencer management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and say hello to your new favorite influencer CRM. Moonio is a great place to close successful collaborations and manage your relationships with influencers.

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How Moonio does influencer management

Powerful, user-friendly CRM

Moonio is revolutionizing influencer management with an accessible, easy-to-use CRM.

  • Your campaigns, collaborations, chats, and to-do’s in one place.
  • Track the status of each collaboration, analyze results, and manage relationships.

Built-in chat feature for real-time communication

Moonio lets you chat with creators in real-time right on the platform.

  • Reply to applications to your campaign and negotiate deals without leaving Moonio.
  • Attach supporting docs, send feedback, and manage the status of your collaboration.
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Billing for different plans

Secure payments and automated invoices

Take care of campaign logistics more easily.

  • Pay through Moonio and influencers only get paid once you confirm they’ve done their part.
  • Get automated invoices so you have one less thing on your to-do list.

Build and nurture influencer relationships

Moonio’s CRM helps you identify which influencers bring in the best results and nurture your relationship with them.

  • Add influencers to your favorites to easily find them for future campaigns.
  • Review influencers to explain why you liked working with them and foster your relationships.
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Creator search

Explore Moonio's two-tiered approach to discovery with opt-in vetted creators and a global influencer database.

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AI fake follower check and profile stats

Understand how Moonio checks profiles for authenticity and quality.

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Evaluate results

Discover how you can track and analyze campaign results right on Moonio.

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